Used Cars & Parts Export
Export of Containerized Used Cars and Used Car Parts

Our extensive networks can promptly arrange secondhand automobiles and parts that our foreign buyers need. We export what dismantled vehicle parts our customers need after loading into containers.

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Used Car & Parts Export
Steel Manufacture

Steel Manufacture
Manufacturing, Processing and Assembling Metal Products

We can mainly contract for manufacturing as well as assembling metal parts such as temporary materials at construction sites. We are flexible to meet our customers’ needs at our factories.

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Foreign Staffing Service

Foreign Staffing Service
Foreign Staffing Service / Introducing Skilled Staff in Specialized Areas

We provide services for connecting foreigners willing to work in Japan and factories facing with shortage of human resources. We provide secure systems to both companies accepting overseas staff and foreign workers arriving in Japan.

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About Us

Big Network

Onaka Trading Co., Ltd. engages in multiple operations such as used car exporting business, metal processing as well as manufacturing, and foreign staffing service. Staff with many foreign nationals are registered at Onaka Trading Co., Ltd.. We thrive on connecting the world and Japan with human resources and goods.

Our company’s name “Onaka” (written “大仲” in Chinese characters, pronounced “Oh-naka”) means Big Network. Our corporate mission is to form larger networks by having many more fellow workers worldwide.

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