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The name of our company “Onaka” is neither the family name of the founder nor the name of any regions in Japan.
Written “大仲” in Chinese characters, it means “Big Network.” “大” means “Big” and “仲” means “in-between” or “fellowship.” The name implies the company’s philosophy to have more fellow workers worldwide and to form larger networks in the world.

Message from the President


Thank you for taking a look at Onaka Trading Co., Ltd. Website. I started the business with my experiences as a used-car-parts salesperson. Having had many personal connections through my work, I founded this company.

At first, the business operation was only exporting. As the company grew larger to have more connections with domestic corporations and factories, I decided to engage in manufacturing and processing metal products. Through my work experience in Japan, I have come to know the excellence and wonderfulness of Japan’s “Monozukuri,” which means manufacturing technology in Japanese.

From this year, our company started engaging in foreign staff training. We would like to foster technically-skilled workers from overseas.

By taking advantage of connectivitys with overseas that are cultivated in trading, my mission is to diffuse the excellence of products “made in Japan,” and not only that, also to inform the world of greatness of “people” and “technology.”

To achieve this purpose, “TSUNAGARI,” which is “connectivity” in Japanese, and “SHIN-RAI,” which is “trust,” are essential. I believe that we can develop our “TSUNAGARI (connectivity)” even further if we can gain “SHIN-RAI (trust)” from many of our fellow workers by working hard to meet their demands with respect and speed.

“UNITE THE WORLD by ‘PEOPLE × GOODS × TECHNOLOGY’ ” This is our company creed, and this keeping in mind, we would like to build Big Networks (大仲, pronounced Oh-naka, our company’s name) worldwide.

(Chief Executive Officer MAHAR NISAR)

Company Information

Company Name Onaka Trading Co., Ltd.
Location 〒594-0031
1-11-22, Fuseyacho, Izumi-City, Osaka 594-0031, Japan
Start of Business January 1st in 2010
Foundation January 26th in 2014
TEL (81) 725-24-4307
FAX (81) 723-344-5606
Capital The company has a capital of ¥ 10 million (about 100,000 US dollars).
Business Type ・Export sales of used cars and used car parts
 Making arrangements and taking procedures related to exports and imports
・Manufacturing, processing and assembling metal products as well as sales of those products
・Foreign staffing service
Chief Executive Officer Mahar Nisar


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